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Tray Sealing Machines

Our Thermo Sealing Machines are always produced with professional quality. There are hand-operated, semiautomatic and automatic, table top or standing machines – also for modified atmosphere packaging that fully meet the needs of the catering and food distribution sectors, whether large or small. The track record in tray sealer development includes over 35 years in house manufacturing of working in close co-operation with food manufacturers and retailers at the highest level. The result is a range of high-performance tray sealer machines, capable of handling packs of almost any shape, size, and material or MAP application.

Inline automated models deliver high-quality seals, that helps to make consumer products more appealing. These include skin pack, Mirabella and Slicepak. They offer freshness for an extended shelf life, excellent use of shelf space and also provide significant reductions in film usage.